N. Gates, Aledo, TX

I was referred to Rachel when I was new to the area by the spouse of a retired canine officer who told me that Rachel is the best person in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for boarding and training large dogs, particularly German Shepherds. I travel a lot and have a high energy German Shepherd male “teenager.” I can leave Indy with Rachel for any length of time and rest easy that he is safe and happy.  I’ve been working with dogs and horses as a hobby and profession for about 25 years and have never met anyone with such a broad understanding of training techniques and canine behavior as Rachel. She is patient, friendly, kind, smart, easy-going, down-to-earth, and yet also professional, talented, and confident in her knowledge and skills. She is open to new ideas, and she’s fun to work with. In just a couple of sessions, she helped me fix critical errors in my training with Indy that I had been overlooking.  I especially love that she really loves dogs and that joyfulness is evident the moment you meet her. She’s good with them, she’s kind to them, and she wants them to do well. She wants them to succeed more than she needs to dominate or “win,” and I think that lack of ego is the truest sign of a great trainer. If you choose Rachel as a trainer for your four-legged friend, you will not be disappointed!