You want a good dog.

But as much as you love that furball at home, his bad behavior continues to exasperate you.

Paws to Consider provides dog training and boarding in Dallas-Fort Worth for dog owners that want a well-behaved dog and peace of mind. Our training gives you the support and confidence needed to effectively train your dog.

We’ll teach you the skills necessary to reinforce good behavior, and provide you with a better understanding of communication between you and your dog.

Love your dog, and his behavior too, with professional dog training and boarding. You’ll finally be able to call him a “good boy” and mean it.


Multiple dog training packages are available, whether you want to improve your pet’s behavior, train a new puppy or even get your dog into a competition. This training is relationship-based. Rather than offering a quick fix, we work with you on improving communication with your pet and identifying the problems behind certain issues. By putting in the work and creating harmony between you and your dog, you’ll be on your way to improved behavior and a harmonic relationship.

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Now available for current and previous training clients.

Give your dog a home away from home. Your dog will have his own space in an individual kennel. Each kennel has an indoor, climate-controlled room with a doggie door to an outdoor run with artificial turf grass. Water is always available and supervised play time is included for free. You can rest easy knowing that your dog is enjoying his vacation as much as you are.

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