How Our Dog Training Works


1. Understanding — First, we’ll seek to understand why your dog exhibits certain behavior.

We’ll explain everything from the dog’s perspective so you can better understand how to work together.


2. Custom Dog Training — After we’ve identified the specific areas we need to work on, we’ll create a specific training program you can implement at home. We make sure that you understand specific actions and how your dog interprets them. No one method is perfect — rather, we tailor training techniques that fit the needs of you, your family and your dog. We’ll work with you and your entire family. Your first lesson goes towards any training program you choose with no commitment necessary. We’re flexible on scheduling and location.


3. Results — The ultimate goal is to train your dog to live in harmony with you. We’ll curb bad behavior and transform your dog into a pup you’re proud of.

Training Philosophy

Long-term, good behavior in your dog requires consistent practice and effective communication between you and your dog. It is our goal to ensure that your dog is safe and humanely treated, but that your life isn’t being dictated by him or her. In our training, you and your dog are equally important. We will always be willing to help you if you are committed to your dog.

We offer personal and empathetic coaching to help your pet become better behaved, or even learn the skills of a competition dog.


We really care about dogs and people.

We understand how discouraged you are. You love your dog, but often find yourself frustrated and discouraged at his or her bad behavior.

We’ve worked with dogs for over 10 years and have seen the transformation that takes place after you and your dog learn to work together to reinforce positive behavior.

Dog Training Packages

$500, 4 lesson package

For adolescent and older dogs

Train your dog to have better manners with one-on-one private dog training lessons. These lessons address specific behaviors in your dog and teach you how to resolve them. Learn how to correct behavior, such as:

● Pulling on a leash

● Destroying furniture or personal property

● Reacting to other animals and people

● Overexcitement such as jumping up or chasing animals

● Lack of house training or potty training

● Not coming when called

● Adolescent behavior (was great as a puppy, but doesn’t behave when in public or when under distraction, such as when guests come over)

You’ll receive each one-hour lesson in your home or in a local public space.

These private lessons are also available for competition training. We’ll help you hone in your dog’s skills to a competitive level.

$500, 4 lesson package

This beginner puppy training covers basic manners such as sit, down, stay, come and how to walk on a leash. We’ll also address puppy-related topics such as house training, teething, chewing, nipping, digging and more. Each lesson is one hour long and can be held at your home or at a local park. You’re welcome to schedule lessons as often as needed, but every other week is suggested as this gives your puppy the time to practice and mature, preparing for the next lesson.

$150 per hour

You can purchase lessons on an as-needed basis if you just need help with one or two issues that are holding your dog back. This is for dogs who already have a foundation of knowledge, but are having issues focusing, or are going through a teenager stage where it seems they have forgotten everything they learned as a puppy! You may have previous dog experience, but have been unable to resolve the issue on your own or in a group class setting. Six-lesson packages are available at a discount after the completion of the first lesson.

$800 for two-week doggy boot camp

$1200 for 1 month of advanced or competition training

Plus, both packages include two private lessons in your home upon completion of the dog training camp.

Dog training camp is an intensive solution to adjusting dog behavior and even preparing for dog competitions. Although our dog training camps set a solid foundation for the training of your dog, you must be committed to reinforcing the behaviors the dog learned after they return home with you. We’ll provide the tools necessary in our two private lessons, one upon returning home and another follow-up lesson, so that you can be more successful.

Your dog will stay with us and have the opportunity to go through many one-on-one lessons. We’ll teach your dog how to exhibit even better behavior. Dog competition training and show dog training are also available in this setting.

Training Tips for Success

If you’re ready for a better, low-stress relationship between you and your dog, we recommend following the below tips when training with us.

Believe in your dog.

Your dog can sense how you feel. Believe in your dog and be ready for hiccups. They’ll happen, but it’s part of the learning process.

Have patience

It’s best to work with your dog, encouraging good behavior, and giving them the time to learn and grow. If you give your dog time to think and work out the problem, the dog will respond perfectly later once he or she understands what your intention is.

Be consistent

If you’re consistent, even if you’re doing everything else wrong, eventually your dog will catch on, and will learn what you’re trying to teach him or her.